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Monkey3 w/Lo Chief

Monkey3 w/Lo Chief

Main Act: Monkey3
Date: Sunday 24th September
Advance Tickets: £12
Venue: Borderline
City: London
Support: Lo Chief

Desertscene are proud to announce Monkey3 will be hitting up Borderline on September 24th.

Founded in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2001, Monkey3 found their stride quickly with 2003's self titled debut. Establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in Europe's burgeoning heavy psych scene. 

The, at times hauntingly ethereal, tone of their instrumental odysseys shone through on their follow ups 39 Laps and Beyond the Black Sky cementing their name alongside other instrumental heavy psych acts, such as My Sleeping Karma. But it's 2013's The 5th Sun which saw the band truly find their mark; opening with the delicately balanced strains of 'Icarus' and ending on the journey that is 'Circles'. Their performance opening the mainstage at 2014's Desertfest London shortly after The 5th Sun's release only furthered their reputation in the scene. With last year's divergent Astrasymmetry taking Monkey3 into parts previously unknown, we can't wait to catch the band when they hit up The Borderline this September.

They'll be joined by Lo Chief. Straight out of the "muddy banks of the Thames Delta", Lo Chief are a swaggering, bluesy, foot-stomping ride. Last year's full length Lower Dunton Studio Sessions brings a slice of Americana to the UK scene in spades and is well worth a check before the September show. Their swampy tones will be a perfect accompaniment to the psych freakout of Monkey 3, so if you don't want to miss out on a tripped out night, book your tickets today.

Truckfighters w/Ten Foot Wizard & The Grudge

Truckfighters w/Ten Foot Wizard & The Grudge

Main Act: Truckfighters
Date: 30th September 2017
Advance Tickets: £14
Venue: The Underworld
City: London
Support: Ten Foot Wizard & The Grudge

Desertscene are proud to announce Swedish fuzzonauts Truckfighters will be blasting through The Underworld on September 30th.

From the very moment ‘Desert Cruiser’ kicked in to open their debut Gravity X the stoner rock scene knew they were listening to something special. An iconic, reverberating, crunchy riff that introduced a flawless classic of an album. Their second and third albums Phi and Mania cemented Truckfighters legacy as fuzz masters; both albums brimming with the psyched-out riffs that are synonymous with the name Truckfighters.

In 2011, the astounding Truckfighters “fuzzomentary”, followed the band as they were touring Europe and recording Mania, committing to tape the perfect document encapsulating the essence of an underground rock band; the good times and the tough. 2014’s (inter)stellar Universe continued their upward trend as one of the most exciting bands of the European underground, expanding their sound and leaving you begging for their fifth; which came in the form of last year's V, another fuzzy classic of the stoner rock scene.

Whilst their albums are great, it's live where the band truly lay out their wares. Their full-throttle sets, including their hat-trick of shows at Desertfest London, have gone down in legend. To make sure this show is even more legendary, we've invited two of the UK's premier good time bands, Ten Foot Wizard and The Grudge, along for the ride too. Manchester riffsmen Ten Foot Wizard are a firm favourite at Desertscene Towers, with their latest LP, 2015's Sleeping Volcanoes, delivering a barrel of riffs and all the groove of the blues all wrapped up with a hefty bow of strangeness. Openers, The Grudge, will bring a heavy blues stomp to start out the night. Their latest EP, last year's The Effect of Transylvania, showcases the wall of bouncy hooks London's own will be hitting The Underworld with.

You wont want to miss out on this night of fuzzy fun when Truckfighters, Ten Foot Wizard and The Grudge roll into town. Book your tickets today.

Saint Vitus w/Mos Generator & Poseidon

Saint Vitus w/Mos Generator & Poseidon

Photo: JJ Koczan

Main Act: Saint Vitus
Date: Sunday 1st October
Advance Tickets: £16
Venue: The Underworld
City: Camden
Support: Mos Generator & Poseidon

Desertscene are pleased to announce the mighty Saint Vitus will be returning to London this October. After slaying on the epic Roundhouse stage at this year's Desertfest, we had to bring them back over for a show of their own. And to add to the riffage, we've invited Mos Generator and Poseidon along for the wild ride too.

Almost four decades since their formation, kings of the underground, Saint Vitus, are still going strong. Responsible for iconic records of the doom scene, such as their self-titled debut and Born Too Late, the L.A. based slow moving freight train of riffs can't be stopped - even after a decade long hiatus, the band couldn't be kept down. 

Prior to 2015, many of us thought we were born too late to see Saint Vitus on stage with their original vocalist Scott Reagers, but it was always too exciting a prospect not to happen again. Joined by fellow surviving member from the band's original line-up, Dave Chandler (guitar) as well as Pat Bruders (bass) and Henry Vasquez (drums), Saint Vitus are a rejuvenated band marching forward with purpose; as anyone who caught their slot at this year's Desertfest can attest to.

One of the pillars of doom, Saint Vitus are a must see for any fan of low and slow heaviness. On top of the exceptional Vitus, we've bagged a couple of great supports for the night. Main support comes courtesy of throwback riff dealers Mos Generator. Fronted by Tony Reed, Mos Generator have been serving up slices of the seventies since the early noughties. Opening the night are London's own doom merchants, the phenomenally heavy and atmospheric Poseidon. Don't miss your chance to catch the masters at work when they hit up The Underworld on October 1st. Book your tickets today.

Ufomammut w/Usnea

Ufomammut w/Usnea

Photo: Andrea Tomas Prato

Date: Tuesday 3rd October
Advance Tickets: £14
Venue: The Borderline
City: London
Doors: 6:30pm
Curfew: 11pm
Support: Usnea

Desertscene are happy to announce that Italian doom-psychers Ufomammut will be storming The Borderline this October.

Crafting mind-melting masterpieces since 1999, the three-piece of Poia, Urla and Vita have taken sludge in a refreshing direction of their own that they keep evolving with every new release. As much a bastard grandchild of Pink Floyd as a distant step-son of Sleep, Ufomammut don’t simply release albums as conduct complex compositions. Their first few gifts to the world, Godlike Snake and Snailking, are great introductions of course, but it’s the more recent master-classes, Eve – a five- part ode to the first woman on Earth – the complementary double releases of Oro, and 2015's Ecate that show the true genius of the band.

But their albums are only half the story as it's live where they dominate. Those who joined us at Desertfest 2015 will know just how crushing and tripped out Ufomammut are; their set leading into Sleep's Desertfest appearance is every bit as legendary as what came after.

They'll be joined by Portland, Oregon's Usnea, whose blackened doom takes the low and slow in a new direction. Check out 2014's excellent Random Cosmic Violence and we're sure you'll be down early to catch one of the most exciting bands in all of doom. For a crushingly heavy night, book your tickets now.

Desertfest Athens 2017

Desertfest Athens 2017

Date: Friday 6th October & Saturday 7th October
Advance Price: €50 for 2 day ticket (special early price)
Venue: Iera Odos
City: Athens, Greece
Doors: Friday (exact time TBA)

After taking London, Berlin and Antwerp by storm, last year, Desertfest landed in yet another European city crawling with lovers of stoner rock; Athens. And this year, it's back.

Spiritual sister to Desertfest Antwerp, which also takes place in October, Desertfest Athens is the latest addition to the Desertfest family. Last year, Desertfest Athens brought not only the finest stoner, doom, sludge and psych that has become the staple of Desertfest events across Europe, but also a new found warmth, as we edged ever closer to the equator to enjoy the famous Greek heat. This year should be no different.

The main acts announced so far include the first announced headliners, Graveyard, whose retro-ingrained bluesy rock is the perfect way to close out any day. With four stellar albums to their name, Graveyard have hooks for years and they'll be bringing them all to Athens this October.

If doom is what you're after, we've got it in spades. Firstly, Saint Vitus are hitting up Athens hot on the heels of a barnstorming set at this year's Desertfest London. Stalwarts of the scene through the seventies and beyond, their latest incarnation, which sees original front man Scott Reagers at the helmoffers up a side of Vitus many haven't caught live. For classic doom, you'd be hard pressed to find a finer example.

If you're looking for contemporary doom on the other hand, you can't get much better than Church of Misery. The absolute kings of Japan when it comes to heavy, Church of Misery have seen many changes over their 22 year run, but a few things are constant; Tatsu Mikami, heaps of bone-crunching riffs and a penchant for for serial killer imagery.

Joining them are the kings of European psych. Colour Haze. Colour Haze's two decade dominance of the stoner-psych scene has produced some of the finest albums ever recorded, including their self titled, and 2012s stunning double album She Said to name a few. Colour Haze will stun you with their trance inducing tones.

With many more on the bill including UK stoner metal champions Orange Goblin and the heavy psych tag team of Radio Moscow and Stoned Jesus, as well as a tonne of acts still to be confirmed, this is sure to be another great year in Athens. Don't miss out on another phenomenal leg of Desertfest. Book your tickets to the second edition of Desertfest Athens today.





Desertfest Antwerp 2017

Desertfest Antwerp 2017

Date: Friday 13th October - Sunday 15th October
Advance Price: €95 for 3 day ticket (limited time offer)
Venue: TRIX
City: Antwerp, Belgium
Doors: Friday 13th October (time TBA)

Ever since we announced it would be joining our family a few years ago, Desertfest Antwerp has done us proud. Continuing the Desertfest tradition of showcasing the finest stoner, doom, sludge and psych on the planet, Desertfest Antwerp immediately hit its stride, hosting acts including Electric Wizard, Brant Bjork, Fu Manchu, Earth, Goat and Orange Goblin in its first few years. So it's no surprise that Desertfest is returning to Antwerp for a fourth consecutive year.

The main acts announced so far for this year's edition include headliners, The Melvins. The most underground of underground bands, The Melvins have been tearing up the heavy music scene since 1983. Major innovators in both the sludge metal and grunge scenes - as well as countless others - The Melvins have embodied everything that is raw and heavy for over three decades. 

Also headlining are Sweden's Graveyard, whose retro-ingrained bluesy rock is the perfect way to close out any day. With four stellar albums to their name, Graveyard have hooks for years and they'll be bringing them all to Antwerp this October.

Joining them are Kadavar, whose blues-psych mastery makes them the most exciting bands on any lineup. Having played at various prior Desertfests - always to a packed house - including the debut edition of Antwerp, Kadavar always bring the kind of riffs that make them a must see act at this year's Desertfest Antwerp.

Also on the bill are US doom masters Windhand, who bring to mind peak era Electric Wizard with their slow, heavy and atmospheric style. Capturing attention in the scene with 2012's fantastic self-titled debut and redoubling their impact with 2015's game changing Grief's Infernal Flower, Windhand will bring bleakness to Belgium.

On the earlier side of the doom spectrum are Saint Vitus, hot on the heels of a barnstorming set at this year's Desertfest London. Stalwarts of the scene through the seventies and beyond, their latest incarnation, which sees original front man Scott Reagers at the helmoffers up a side of Vitus many haven't caught live. For classic doom, you'd be hard pressed to find a finer example.

With many more on the bill, including Radio Moscow's brand of garage psych, the neo-psych All Them Witches, the utterly crushing Church of Misery and a tonne of acts still to be confirmed, this year's line-up is gearing to be the best one yet for Desertfest Antwerp. Get ready for a weekend full of the greatest music our scene has to offer and some of the best chocolate on Earth. Book your tickets to Desertfest Antwerp today.

Check out Desertfest Antwerp's Website and Facebook.




Stoned Jesus w/Beastmaker & Twelve Boar

Stoned Jesus w/Beastmaker & Twelve Boar

Photo: Gaël Mathieu

Main Act: Stoned Jesus
Date: Friday 13th October
Advance Tickets: £17
Venue: The Underworld
City: Camden
Support: Beastmaker & Twelve Boar

Desertscene are proud to announce Stoned Jesus will be hitting up The Underworld on October 13th. Not only that, they'll be playing their seminal album Seven Thunders Roar in its entirety.

Founded in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2009, Stoned Jesus quickly asserted themselves as a force of progressive stoner psych. Their debut record, First Communionshowed the world how heavy fuzz sounds when filtered through a blistering chill rather than the desert heat. 

It's their second album, however, that made Stoned Jesus a household name of the stoner rock scene. Released only 5 years ago, Seven Thunders Roar has already become an iconic record; Sprawling out further into prog fuelled jams and bringing sharp new hooks, it's an album that deserves to be celebrated - which is why Stoned Jesus will be playing the album in full. Whilst some of the album's tracks, such as the incredible 'I'm the Mountain', are a staple part of any Stoned Jesus set, many of the tracks are seeing a rare live outing that you shouldn't miss.

They'll be joined by Californian doom heads Beastmaker, who made waves in the underground with their debut full length Lusus Naturae last year. Harking back to doom of old, without ever being too reliant on the familiar tropes, the band set themselves apart with their high octane energy. Also on the bill are openers for the night Twelve Boar whose southern tinged brand of groove infused rock is bound to get you moving.

If you don't want to miss out on three exciting bands from the scene, book your tickets today.

Church of Misery w/Slabdragger

Church of Misery w/Slabdragger

Main Act: Church of Misery
Date: 19th October 2017
Advance Tickets: £15
Venue: The Garage
City: London
Support: Slabdragger

Desertscene are pleased to announce that Japan's greatest band, Church of Misery, will be bringing their dirty, distorted doom to The Garage on the 19th October. Not only that but they'll be supported by the crushing Slabdragger.

Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1995, Church of Misery were immediately a force to be reckoned with in the doom scene. Centred around constant member Tatsu Mikami - formerly of thrash metal band Salem fame - and a rotating lineup, the band have been bringing the hooks for over 20 years. Their Introduction to the wider world via a sneaky bootleg of their, at the time, demo release, Vol. 1, whet our appetites and we've been craving the fuzzed out crushing swagger of Church of Misery ever since. Through their first official LP Master of Brutality to last year's And Then There Were None..., the band has consistently delivered unparalleled savagery.

Although the pure brutality of their output is enough of a reason to have the world take notice, the aesthetic surrounding the music is what sets Church of Misery apart. The band's wall of noise is layered onto imagery and lyrics of some of the most grizzly and gruesome serial killers of all time; from Kemper to Gacy to Shipman to Brady and everyone in between, one has to appreciate the irony of the band collecting serial killers like trophies.

Six dark, destructive discs in, Church of Misery continue to slay, as anyone who caught them at Desertfest 2014 will attest. To keep that dark destruction running throughout the night, we've added support from London's own Slabdragger to the bill. The sludge metal three-piece have been destroying ears for almost a decade, with last year's Rise of the Dawncrusher serving as not only a perfect encapsulation of Slabdragger's sound, but also as a testament to the scene as a whole. With one more band to announce, we can be certain this will be one of out heaviest bills this autumn. Don't miss out, Book your tickets today.