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Toundra + The Brothers Keg

Toundra + The Brothers Keg

Main Act: Toundra
Date: 8th February
Advance Tickets: £12
Venue: The Black Heart
City: Camden, London
Support: The Brothers Keg

Desertscene are proud to announce that one of the leading lights of Spanish heavy, Toundra, will be hitting up The Black Heart on Friday 8th February 2018.

Formed in Madrid in 2007, Toundra rapidly established a name for themselves with 2008's self-titled debut; a record which lays the groundwork for the ever-present experimental aspects which permeate the band's output. Rooted in post-rock that has been psyched around the edges, Toundra's tone and execution make for spectacular live shows.

2015's IV - the band's first with their completed current lineup of Esteban, Macón, Alberto and Álex - and their latest release, April 2018's Vortex, show Toundra at their best; confident in their contributions to an ever evolving post-rock movement and heavier by the record.

Support for the night comes from London’s own The Brothers Keg, who bring a hearty dose of heavy psych to the night. Made up of two-thirds of Stubb (Tom Hobson on guitar/vocals and Tom Fyfe on drums) as well as Paul Rosser on bass/vocals, The Brothers Keg are loud and lively and always ready to kick off a party. Their 2017 demo, Folklore, Myths and Legends of The Brothers Keg, is well worth a spin before February comes along, showcasing a jam-esque pair of tracks that it’s difficult not to find infectious.

An experience not to miss, be sure to catch Toundra and The Brothers Keg when they glide into The Black Heart on Friday 8th February. Book your tickets today.

Heavy Psych Sounds Fest 2019

Heavy Psych Sounds Fest 2019

Main Act: Dead Witches
Date: Friday 22nd February 2019
Advance Tickets: £14
Venue: The Underworld
City: Camden, London
Support: Black Rainbows, Giöbia & Deadsmoke

Desertscene are excited to announce we’re working alongside our good friends at Heavy Psych Sounds to bring you Heavy Psych Sounds Fest. Taking place at The Underworld on Friday 22nd February 2019, Heavy Psych Sounds Fest will showcase one of the underground’s finest labels’ best bands.

Headlining this killer bill are the UK’s own Dead Witches, who will be bringing the occult psych in abundance. Straight out of the mind of legendary sticksman Mark Greening (Ramesses, ex-Electric Wizard), Dead Witches are a heavy, fuzzy and dark experience, oozing with B-movie horror vibes. They’ll be presenting tracks from their new album, The Final Exorcism, which is the first to feature the band’s solidified lineup around Greening - Soozi Chameleone (vocals), Oliver Hill (guitar) and the returning Carl Geary (bass) - and releases the day of the HPS Fest, so be sure to pick up your copy at the show.

Main support for the night comes from Black Rainbows, who have readily established themselves as Italy’s - if not Europe’s - dominant force of stoner psych. From 2007’s debut, Twilight in the Desert, right through to 2018’s Pandaemonium, Black Rainbows have consistently served up hearty slices of cosmic space stuff which leans as heavily into 70s space rock classics as it does traditional stoner fare. That the Italian underground thrives today is a testament as much to Black Rainbow as any other band.

Another band who has been a huge influence on the Italian psych scene is Giöbia, who we’re proud to say are part of this mammoth bill. Rooted firmly in a deep love for 60s acid/space rock, though not without adding their own contemporary spin, Giöbia takes you on a trip to Alpha Centauri with their wavy psych, before sling-shotting you out into the distant edges of the galaxy accompanied by a faint droning undercurrent.

Completing this mind melting exhibition of what Heavy Psych Sounds has to offer are yet another example of Italy’s ever expanding underground scene, Deadsmoke. Kicking things off with a brutal dose of sludge, Deadsmoke are downtuned bleakness incarnate. Their two must-spin full lengths, self-titled and Mountain Legacy respectively, are granite slabs of pure filth.

But the fun doesn’t end when the bands stop playing! Get yourself round the corner to The Black Heart at 11PM for our Heavy Psych DJs afterparty to keep the good times going into the early hours. Sure to be a night full of tripped out riffs, be sure to check out Heavy Psych Sounds Fest on Friday 22nd February at The Underworld. Book your tickets today.

Rescheduled: John Garcia & The Band of Gold w/Dead Quiet

Rescheduled: John Garcia & The Band of Gold w/Dead Quiet

Main Act: John Garcia & The Band of Gold
Date: 23rd February 2019
Advance Tickets: £20
Venue: o2 Academy Islington
City: London
Support: Dead Quiet
Doors: 7PM

Desertscene are proud to announce that stoner rock's founding father John Garcia is returning to London, this time bringing The Band of Gold with him on February 23rd at the o2 Academy Islington.

It's no secret the influence and longevity John Garcia has had within stoner rock and the wider underground. Since the humble beginnings of Kyuss (then Katzenjammer) in the late 80s, to Unida and Hermano, to his recent solo material, right through to the triumphant return of Slo Burn last year. he's lived, breathed and slept rock and roll, and he's done so surrounded by many of the best bands in the scene. No matter who he stands amongst though, his unmistakably powerful, soulful, gravel spitting vocals cut to the front.

This time, it's John Garcia & The Band of Gold who roll into London. Surrounded by a kickass band and afforded the freedom to play whatever he wants, this is sure to be Garcia at his peak. Playing tracks from his recent self titled and The Coyote who Spoke in Tongues as well as classics from his extensive back catalogue, it's always an event when John Garcia steps on stage.

Joining them for the show are Vancouver's Dead Quiet, a band rooted in a doomy classic rock. A slow moving, chugging Goliath of a band, Dead Quiet's classic stomp is perfectly complimented by ex-Barn Burner Kevin Keegan's inimitable vocals. Last year's Grand Rites, which saw the addition of Justin Hagberg on keyboards, is an utterly massive sounding record, which you should check out before the show comes around. Make sure you get down early for these.

It's gonna be a huge night at o2 Academy Islington on February 23rd. Book your tickets today.



Main Act: MaidaVale
Date: 22nd March
Advance Tickets: £10
Venue: The Black Heart
City: Camden, London
Support: TBA

Desertscene, in association with Sound of Liberation, are proud to announce that Swedish psych masters MaidaVale will be drifting into The Black Heart on Friday 22nd March as part of their Spring 2019 tour.

Formed in 2013 before making their first waves on the live scene in 2014, MaidaVale are yet more proof of Sweden’s domination of all things music. Reaching far out into the furthest edges of psychedelia whilst still retaining the catchiest of hooks, as first evidenced by their 2016 debut Tales of the Wicked West, MaidaVale’s divergent take on the psych scene is an affirming take on the genre. Complemented magnificently by the ethereal vocal stylings of Matilda Roth, their frenetic vibes really shine through on 2018’s Madness is Too Pure, which captures the band at their best and proves their spot is deserved in the upper echelons of the modern wave of all things tripped out.

With support still to be announced, it’s sure to be yet another showcase of the finest the underground has to offer when MaidaVale hit up The Black Heart on Friday 22nd March. Book your tickets today.

Belzebong + The Necromancers

Belzebong + The Necromancers

Main Acts: Belzebong
Date: 31st March
Advance Tickets: £13
Venue: The Underworld
City: Camden, London
Support: The Necromancers

Desertscene in association with Sound of Liberation are proud to announce the duo of heavy stoner metal merchants Belzebong and heavy occult rockers The Necromancers will be hitting up The Underworld on 31st March.

Poland’s leading export of heavy stoner metal grooves, Belzebong have been tearing up the scene since 2008. Comprised of four mysterious dudes (Sheepy, Alky, Cheesy and Hexy respectively, as well as Boogey Dude on visuals), their fuzzed out, instrumental heaviness cuts through all the BS leaving nought but riffs for days. Breaking through with their first two full lengths Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves and Greenferno - released 2011 and 2015 respectively - Belzebong have been a reliable source of distorted low end and weed worship throughout the 2010’s.

Their surprise third full-length, Light the Dankness, released in October last year, serves up more of the uncompromising style Belzebong have become known for; slow, meaty riffs with a tinge of that tried and tested tripped out psych, perfectly enjoyed with eyes a-closed and head a-banging.

Also on the bill are Poitiers, France’s The Necromancers whose heavy rock mixes in many a style from the loud canon; so long as it riffs, The Necromancers are down with it. Releasing a sharp one-two punch of full lengths in 2017 and 2018 - Servants Of The Salem Girl and Of Blood and Wine - the occult rock four-piece run the gamut of heavy rock, from plodding doom to wavering psych to experimental progressive, all the while covering all points in between. Tied together with the immediately striking vocals of Tom Cornière, The Necromancers have a sound of their own in an ever expansive scene and you won’t want to miss them.

Be sure not to miss out when two of the scene’s best pass through The Underworld on March 31st. Book your tickets today.

Desertfest London 2019

Desertfest London 2019

Date: 3rd to 5th May 2019
Tickets: Starting at £110
Venues: Various - Camden
City: London

The UK's premier underground festival Desertfest London returns for it's 8th edition from 3rd to 5th May 2019. Featuring the heaviest, fuzziest and trippiest stoner, doom, sludge and psych bands from around the world, out latest chapter of Desertfest is returning to Camden and shaping up to be our biggest yet.

Current lineup



Tickets and full info available at the Desertfest website below.

Desertscene at Black Deer 2019

Desertscene at Black Deer 2019


Date: 21st to 23rd June 2019
Weekend Tickets
Venue: Eridge Park, Kent

Americana runs through our blood, even if it may be on the louder side of the spectrum, DESERTSCENE has always been a celebration of the unique sound that was originally born out of the Palm Desert in California. Those undeniable low desert tones have taken a universal leap over the last 20 years; with a vast, progressive and unstoppable influence that has not only created a staggering array of musical talent, but an underground culture that few other genres could fathom. 
Whilst only entering their 2nd year in 2019, BLACK DEER has already created a similar entity, more than an appreciation of a musical genre, Black Deer is a celebration of a way of life. A way of life rooted in, and respectful of, the rich cultural heritage of America. Widely acclaimed as a truly authentic experience, an independent festival born from passion, and built from experience.

It was a no-brainer “YES!” when Black Deer asked us to curate THE ROADHOUSE for 2019, the core values shared between Desertscene and Black Deer are without question. There’s no doubt we have a bounty of heavy cross-over blues, psych and rock’n'roll to showcase, but it’s the support of underground cultures and the appreciation of story telling that makes us align so seamlessly. 

So with that, Desertscene are beyond excited to reveal the first 8 acts for next years Roadhouse. Please welcome from the sprawling plains of the USA, whiskey-fuelled, foot-stompin' blues rock’n’rollers LEFT LANE CRUISER and renowned hard-rock psych power trio RADIO MOSCOW, Icelandic riff-lovers THE VINTAGE CARAVAN, otherworldly masters of the jam ASTEROID, fuzzy proto-rockers THE BLACK WIZARDS, 70s doom worship in the form of DUEL, London’s own psychedelic stalwarts STUBB and the howling sound of MOUNTAINS