Greenleaf (UK Tour)

Date: Tuesday 29th November
Advance Price: £9
Venue: The Cellar
City: Oxford
Support: Desert Storm, Sororis & Bad Blood

Date: Monday 28th November
Advance Price: £12
Venue: Borderline
City: London
Support: Steak

Date: Thursday 1st December
Venue: Bannermans
City: Edinburgh
Support: Hair of the Dog & Gareeda

Date: Friday 2nd December
Advance Price: £9
Venue: The Phoenix
City: Coventry
Support: General, Grifter & Trevor's Head
In Association with Rawk Promotions

Date: Saturday 3rd December
Venue: Moon Club
City: Cardiff
Support: Steak, Lacertilia, Suns of Thunder,
Grifter, The Rollbars, Vails and Oak
In Association with Snuff Lane

Desertscene are pleased to announce that Swedish hard rockers Greenleaf will be over for a tour of the UK in November and December.

Starting life as a side-project of Dozer's Tommi Holappa and Bengt Bäcke - as well as Daniel Lidén of Demon Cleaner and Peder Bergstrand of Lowrider - Greenleaf have grown far beyond the side-project monicker into one of the leading lights of the European stoner rock scene.

Spanning almost two decades, the band has seen quite a revolving door of members, but for every lineup change Greenleaf has seen, they've added more to their sound; as their extensive back catalogue shows. From 2000's self-titled EP, right through to this year's pounding Rise Above the Meadow, Greenleaf's hard rock/stoner hybrid has evolved and grown; and that sound is best experienced live. Their domination on the very first day of the debut incarnation of Desertfest London in 2012 was, for many, the first great memory taken from the annual juggernaut.

That was four and a half years ago. Since then, Greenleaf's sound has grown and grown. And with mammoth supports on every leg of the tour, you don't want to miss your chance to take a hit of Greenleaf as they hit a city near you. Book your tickets today.