Waynestock ft. Big Business, Inter Arma + more


Main Act: Big Business + Inter Arma
Support: Crowhurst, Slomatics, Boss Keloid. DVNE, Bismuth, Ghold, Tuskar + more
Date: Friday 1st November 2019
Advance Tickets: £20 early bird | £25 adv tier 1
Venue: The Dome + Boston Music Rooms
City: London
Doors: 5PM

"So Wayne, I hear you're putting on some kind of concert. That's good. People need to be entertained, they need the distraction. I wish to God that someone would be able to block out the voices in my head for five minutes, the voices that scream, over and over again: "Why do they come to me to die? Why do they come to me to die?"
Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Yes that's right - Big Business & INTER ARMA plus CrowhurstSlomaticsBismuth and GHOLD this November at The Dome & Boston Music Rooms in London. Plus a bunch more bands, DJs and a plethora of truly excellent business still to be announced. Very limited £20 early birds available now from the link below! 
Presented by the SBFC aka Old Empire & Desertscene London. #asphinctersayswhat