Colour Haze & My Sleeping Karma

Main Acts: Colour Haze & My Sleeping Karma
Date: Friday 17th March
Advance Tickets: £15
Venue: The The Garage
City: London
Support: TBC

Desertscene, in association with Sound of Liberation, are ecstatic to announce the UK-exclusive performance of mind melting duo Colour Haze and My Sleeping Karma.

One of the pillars of the European stoner-psych scene, Colour Haze first formed as a band with roots firmly in 60s and 70s hard rock. Their first release Chopping Machine, though brimming with experimental psych, is, at its core, a heavy, heavy experience. By the time of 2004's self titled, Colour Haze had moved to a more spaced out, more overtly mellowed out sound, though there are still hints of the bands early work at the peaks of their signature crescendoing style and heavy fuzzed out elements.

After a slew of genre-defining albums, the band started work on what would become their greatest work, 2012's double album She Said. The album, which was blighted by a whole host of delays in the recording process, is, to this point, the finest work of European stoner-psych ever created. An album of pure warmth with meandering jam passages, righteous riffs and meticulous execution of, well, just about everything. Their surprise follow up, To the Highest Gods we Know, took the band on an even more experimental route, with Middle Eastern vibes accompanying their more recognisable tone.

As if one icon of the scene isn't enough though, we have another leading light of the more psyched out edges of rock. My Sleeping Karma's instrumental psych was born in the ashes of bassist Mat and drummer Steffen's prior band, The Great Escape. The band's style is more distorted and routed in metal than Colour Haze's sound,  but has the same ability to make your mind drift away from your body. Storming into our collective consciousness with 2006's self-titled, My Sleeping Karma have consistently released masterful compositions which sit somewhere between Hawkwind and Tool.

It's a show that's sure to be one of the best bills of 2017 for any psychonauts out there. With both bands known for their flawless shows, as anybody who has seen them at Desertfest's past can attest, get ready to zone out to the perfection of Colour Haze and My Sleeping Karma. Book your tickets today.