Main Act: Eyehategod
Date: 16th October
Advance Tickets: £14
Venue: The Underworld
City: Camden, London
Support: Billyclub + Headless Kross

‘From the Elementary to the Penitentiary' - Eyehategod return to the United Kingdom’s grey shores to bring their tidal wave of iconically brutal sludge to anyone who may stand in their path. The undisputed King’s of the NOLA underground, EHG’s sound takes its throne as some of the cardinal virtues of not only misanthropic doom, but heavy music as a whole.
After a turbulent saga that would put most bands in the ground, Eyehategod’s resilience means they deliver, without fail, gut punching performances night after night - if you have yet to witness these veterans take to the stage do so now. And whether it’s your 1st EHG show or your 100th you already know they’re going to kick seven shades of shit out of you, musically speaking that is…
Eyehategod will be joined by UK punk heavy hitters Billyclub - in their own words it’s loud, fast, aggressive and straight to the point. Sounds good to us.