Desertfest Pre-Party 2019 ft. Ghold + Supports

Main Act: Ghold
Date: Thursday 2nd May
Advance Tickets: £10
Venue: The Black Heart
City: Camden, London
Support: Rainbow Grave, Primitive Knot & Bible

Desertscene, in association with Crypt of the Wizard are proud to announce the Desertfest Pre-Party 2019. Once again, we take over The Black Heart on Desertfest Eve, serving up a tasty starter to whet your appetite for the three day feast that follows. Featuring Ghold, Rainbow Grave, Primitive Knot and Bible, before we continue the party into the early morning, if previous years are anything to go by, it’s going to be another messy, riff-filled night. The Wizard of the Crypt himself tells us more below:

The Wizard hath performed an archaic conjuration hitherto unseen in this here realm, and from this black magic an evening of simply wondrous darkness hath emerged! In conspiracy with the evil folk of Desertscene - Crypt of the Wizard brings to you the Desertfest Pre-Party 2019. Performing are four bands of such weight and bleak brilliance, even the gloomiest of souls shall be possessed by the rites of ancient evil and will be compelled to voyage to yonder Black Heart to enjoy some potent brews to a soundtrack of madness decayed by decadence.

Ghold push weight bringing forth experimental sludge rock breaking backs with brute force.

Like a sledge hammer slamming into a human face forever.

Rainbow Grave play primitive sludge punk...Featuring founder members of Napalm Death, Doom and Scorn, their bleak mantras channel the blank despair of negative punk through layers of distorted psychedelic damage...Freeform pedal abuse and robotic vocals coagulate around cyclic bass and drum rhythms in repetitive and minimal structures...Low rent caveman hate music...Disappointment guaranteed...

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Primitive Knot have created a cult underground following with their prolific output and aura of arcane mystery. Primitive Knot cover a lot of musical ground, from motorik Krautrock to primitive thrashing doom metal, dark ambient and black metal death rock. Yet at all times, the sound is pure Primitive Knot.

Shadowy forces play pulsating synth driven black metal awash with droning agony. Appearing in this realm for one of the first times.

So if you’re in London early for Desertfest, be sure not to miss out on one extra night drinking riffs and headbanging to beers. Be sure to get your tickets to the Desertfest Pre-Party 2019 today.