Saint Vitus w/Dopelord

Main Act: Saint Vitus
Date: Saturday 20th April 2019
Advance Tickets: £18
Venue: The Underworld
City: Camden
Support: Dopelord

Desertscene are pleased to announce the mighty Saint Vitus will be returning to London in April 2019 to celebrate 40 years of riffs. And, to bring some riffs of their own, we’ve brought Dopelord along for the wild ride too.

Four decades since their formation, kings of the underground, Saint Vitus, are still going strong. Responsible for iconic records of the doom scene, such as their self-titled debut and Born Too Late, the L.A. based slow moving freight train of riffs can't be stopped - even after a decade long hiatus, the band couldn't be kept down. 

Prior to 2015, many of us thought we were born too late to see Saint Vitus on stage with their original vocalist Scott Reagers, but it was always too exciting a prospect not to happen again. Joined by fellow surviving member from the band's original line-up, Dave Chandler (guitar) as well as Pat Bruders (bass) and Henry Vasquez (drums), Saint Vitus are a rejuvenated band marching forward with purpose; as anyone who caught their slot at Desertfest 2017 can attest to.

One of the pillars of doom, Saint Vitus are a must see for any fan of low and slow heaviness. On top of the exceptional Vitus, we've bagged ourselves the perfect support in the form of Poland’s Dopelord, who have been flying the flag for the modern era of doom since 2010. Releasing three stellar full-lengths - Magick Rites, their follow up Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult and 2017's Children of the Haze respectively - Dopelord have consistently been one of the most exciting bands in the scene. Don't miss your chance to catch the masters at work when they hit up The Underworld on April 20th 2019. Book your tickets today.