Eyehategod w/DVNE & Gurt


Main Act: Eyehategod
Date: 5th July 2018
Advance Tickets: £16
Venue: The Underworld
City: London
Support: DVNE & Gurt
Doors: 8PM

Desertscene are proud to announce that sludge pioneers Eyehategod are coming back to London on 5th July to blow the roof off The Underworld with their filthy riffs. They’ll be joined by Edinburgh’s DVNE and London's own slab of filth, Gurt.

One of the cornerstones of the sludge scene since their formation in 1988, Eyehategod have been front and centre ever since. Announcing their presence to the world with 1992’s In the Name of Suffering and following sharply in the next year with the blistering Take as Needed for Pain, the riffs and groove of Sabbath were there, but with a colossal punch and a weight that were simply beyond heavy. Add into the mix Mike Williams’ signature snarls - fueled more so every year by the weight of his existence - and EHG were always on to something special. Dopesick and Confederacy of Ruined Lives followed in 1996 and 2000 respectively and only added to the legendary catalogue of EHG.

After a studio album drought of 14 years, 2014 saw the release of Eyehategod, which wasn’t so much a return to form as it was a raising of the bar; it’s an album that deserves the self-titled honour as it encapsulates the low down brutality of the band’s sound. Full of power and forays into hardcore throughout without losing much of the slow, dirty sludge riffing; we may have had to wait, but this was anything but a Chinese Democracy-style disappointment. As those who caught their packed out show at Desertfest will attest, Eyehategod still bring it and bring it hard.

Joining them at The Underworld are Edinburgh’s DVNE, a band rooted in metal and nurtured with a myriad of influences, from prog, to doom, to psych and beyond. Debuting, appropriately enough, with Progenitor, an album which is verging on space rock at points without ever straying from the heavy undercurrent, DVNE immediately grabbed the attention. Their sound has continued to be fresh and exciting right through to last year’s Asheran, an album which sounds absolutely huge both musically and in production, we can’t wait to see them on stage when they support Eyehategod.

Opening the night are Gurt who have been caving in eardrums around the UK since 2010. Aggressive sludge with a fair hint of punk running through the centre, Gurt exude energy. Last year's Skullossus and the previous year's Guppy (a split with Trippy Wicked) are the band on top form, with an evermore creative and rebellious streak to their output. With 2 Christmas singles to their name too, Gurt can do no wrong. Catch them opening for Eyehategod and main supports DVNE at The Underworld on 5th July. Book your tickets today.