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Main Act: Naxatras
Date: 26th October 2018
Advance Tickets: £12
Venue: The Black Heart
City: London
Support: Gnob
Doors: 7PM

Desertscene are proud to announce the psychedelic power trio Naxatras are coming to The Black Heart on Friday 26th October.

Part of the modern Greek wave of stoner and psych, without ever disappearing into the crowd, Naxatras are unashamed worshippers of the 70s riff. That said, they bring plenty of their own flavour to the mix.

Founded in 2012 and releasing their self titled debut in 2015, Naxatras rapidly caught the attention of those who crave the tripped out waves of psych, as much influenced by bands like Causa Sui as it is by Hendrix. Sharply following up the following year with II, an album which voyages further out into space than their previous and following work to this date, Naxatras proved themselves not only as a band to take note of, but also one who aren't afraid to travel in new directions. 

Their latest full length, this year's III, is the pinnacle of Naxatras' output so far, with hints of Los Natas and Colour Haze poking through, though filtered through their own machinations; 'On the Silver Line' in particular stands out from the pack, feeling like higher tempo take on contemporary German psych.

Support for the night comes from the UK's Gnob who have been kicking up a heavy psych stink since late 2014. Bringing an explosion of colour to the hardened concrete of the English landscape, Gnob mix traditional psych with Eastern vibes to create something truly special. At times fuzzy, at others droney and always fantastic, Gnob are a unique jewel in the UK's underground who you don't want to miss. Be sure to check out this year's Electric Dream Demon for a hearty taste of Gnob before October 26 rolls along.

Sure to be one of the highlights of our upcoming shows, we can't wait to see Naxatras and to Gnob drift through The Black Heart on Friday 26th October. Book your tickets today.