Stoned Jesus w/Mothership & Elephant Tree


Main Act: Stoned Jesus
Date: Friday 28th September
Advance Tickets: £15
Venue: The Garage
City: Camden
Support: Mothership & Elephant Tree

Desertscene are proud to announce Stoned Jesus will be hitting up The Garage on September 28th, and they'll be bringing Mothership and Elephant Tree with them.

Founded in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2009, Stoned Jesus quickly asserted themselves as a force of progressive stoner psych. Their debut record, First Communionshowed the world how heavy fuzz sounds when filtered through a blistering chill rather than the desert heat. A great album in its own right, it's their second album, however, that made Stoned Jesus a household name of the stoner rock scene.

Released only 6 years ago, Seven Thunders Roar has already become an iconic record; Sprawling out further into prog fuelled jams and bringing sharp new hooks, it's an album the band couldn't help but celebrate, with a recent tour bringing the record in its entirety. Adding a heavier twang to those sprawling jams with their third full length, The Harvest, Stoned Jesus refuse to let their sound go static; constantly pushing forward to find new avenues of noise and remaining an exciting and unpredictable band who must be savoured live.

Main support from the night comes from Mothership, a band clearly influenced by everything 70s without ever dwelling too much in the past. Mothership rock hard when they riff and drift out when they psych, seamlessly wielding the two extremes. Part of a growing renaissance in Texan underground rock, alongside the likes of Wo Fat, The Sword, Switchblade Jesus and others, it's always worth tripping on the ship when they come into town.

Sharply rising in reputation among doomheads, openers for the night, Elephant Tree, are one of the most exciting bands in all of heavy right now and they'll be opening the night. Unafraid to push outwards with a sound engineered to grab your attention, notably manifesting with sitar breakdowns cut through a crawling pace to produce something special. Make sure you get down early to catch these.

So for a jam packed night of three of the most exciting bands in heavy, book your tickets today.