Sasquatch w/Cavalli

Main Act: Sasquatch
Date: 29th September 2018
Advance Tickets: £12
Venue: The Black Heart
City: London
Support: Cavalli
Doors: 8PM

Desertscene, in association with Sound of Liberation are proud to announce Sasquatch will be coming to The Black Heart on Saturday 29th September.

Founded in Philadelphia in 2000, but shaped in Los Angeles, Sasquatch have been providing the stoner hooks for almost two decades. Their mid-noughties one-two punch of 2004's self-titled and 2006's II introduced the world to the band's signature sound; a sound powered by Keith Gibbs (guitar, vocals) and his considerable pipes, with the rhythm section hold the tempo somewhere in the sweet zone between leisurely and lively without ever feeling sluggish or frantic.  

Between then and now, Sasquatch have seen a few lineup changes and dropped a couple of swaggering monsters in III and IV respectively. It's their fifth album, Maneuvers, however, which lays forth a new era of Sasquatch; one that cuts straight to the chase with their diversions reigned in; more focused than they've been before. This is a Sasquatch ready to tear up any stage.

Support for the night comes from London’s own Cavalli, whose galloping rock n’ roll can’t help but rear up and kick you in the face. Mounting the heavy scene with their trio of cantering EP’s - self-titled, Vol.2 and Hugantic respectively - Cavalli have gone in bareback with an imposing stallion of sound. You wont want to miss them. It's bound to be bouncing in The Black Heart on Saturday 29th September when Sasquatch and Cavalli emerge. Book your tickets today.